HVAC Checkups Are Key to Comfortable Living


For many people, their home is their castle where the temperature is just right. Often, it’s not until that perfect comfortable level becomes uncomfortable that a heating or cooling system becomes noticeable. While an HVAC repair may eventually be necessary, completing a checklist of a few simple items can keep the hot or cold air flowing smoothly.


Keep It Clean

For cooling systems, wind can whirl debris into a unit and make it not function correctly. If it looks like there is buildup, turn it off and hose it down. Check around the location for any weeds or decorative plants growing too closely and keep them trimmed.

During colder months, it is recommended to replace heating system filters approximately every three months. To help avoid unnecessary HVAC repairs, ensure the drain line is clean and no water has built up.

Sometimes an issue might not be with the unit but in the ducts. Dust and debris can collect in ducts, reducing the system’s ability to force air. If there are signs of accumulation around vents, it might be time to call a professional for an inspection.


Don’t Skip Preventive Maintenance

Even though HVAC systems are designed for longevity, daily use results in general wear and tear. To avoid an emergency repair, it’s best to get on a program with a professional to have the systems checked twice a year. Not replacing an inexpensive part an expert finds could result in a costly repair down the road.

While a duct cleaning isn’t necessary every year, it is beneficial to have a professional clean them every few years. Keeping them free and clear also can help reduce energy costs.

These simple tasks can help ensure a desirable home climate. If an emergency happens, an HVAC repair doesn’t have to be an overwhelming situation. Homeowners should find a trusted, dependable professional to help keep their home their castle.

csearsHVAC Checkups Are Key to Comfortable Living