Keep the Clogged Pipes at Bay

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As most homeowners know, plumbing clogs can be a real source of frustration. While it’s important to look into a plumber when your drain is plugged up, there are ways to help avoid this situation in the future. After all, clogged pipes can cause a lot of damage. Given the seriousness of a stopped up sink, you need to be able to tell early on if something is hindering the water from going down.


The first step is to try to use preventive measures to keep from having to call plumbing services often. One of the most important rules to a healthy drain is to never pour grease down the sink. Keep in mind that grease does solidify and when it does, it’s going to cause serious plumbing clogs. Another good tip is to make sure that you have a strainer to catch any food that ends up in the sink. This can help any unwanted build-up. If you want to make sure that your pipes are clog free, you can always pour boiling water down the drain to make sure that any grease runs down and the particles along with it.


While you probably know how inconvenient clogs are, a lot of people don’t know the type of damage they can cause. If you don’t tend to your plugged up drain, it can cause the water pressure to build up inside the pipes and subsequently they  could burst. This is an even more expensive and difficult repair for your local plumber to undertake.


If you aren’t sure if you have clogged pipes, here are a few warning signs. The water will back up into the sink before slowing going down, you may hear gurgling sounds from the sink or you may smell rotten food that’s built up inside.


Remember to take preventative measures and to always look out for signs of a plug. If you suspect that you do have clogged pipes, it’s important to get help from professional plumbing services, like us at A-1 Better Handyman. For all of your plumbing needs call us or click here for a free quote!

csearsKeep the Clogged Pipes at Bay