Restaurants In Smithville, TN

In the small town of Smithville, TN, there are many shops and businesses that are run by locals and owned by locals. Since there are several of these restaurants, I am only going to highlight four of them. A great bonus about these four restaurants is that they all have heat and air conditioning. Smithville, TN heating contractors are the best in the whole state. Also in Smithville, TN, HVAC contractors will be at your service.

Patty’s Restaurant is an American restaurant that serves comfort dishes. The menu consists of good ole hamburgers and cheeseburgers. They are juicy, tasty, and well-cooked. The fried chicken is on the menu as well. If you want a lunch plate, you can get the meatloaf, mashed potatoes, rolls, and Brussel sprouts.

If you want to dine at the best of the best-voted restaurant in all of Smithville, check out Los Lobos. This Mexican restaurant serves authentic and fresh dishes. There are appetizers, lunch, dinner, and sides. The menu fajitas, taco salads, nachos, burritos, quesadillas, enchiladas, and vegetarian options. If you are looking to eat out in a calm and cool environment, go eat at Los Lobos.

The Son Rise Diner serves any type of foods that are just mouthwatering. There is a special menu that changes daily. Some of the items have included lasagna, fish, stewed potatoes, Cajun Chicken wrap, Philly Steak wrap, Club Sand wrap, Chicken salad, and much more. This diner puts a twist on Southern foods as well.

The Old Timers Antiques’ & Farm House Cafe is a Southern restaurant. The menu consists mostly of sandwiches and several different sides and salads. There are cheeseburgers, hamburgers, a Fried Chicken sandwich, a Philly Steak sandwich, a Mushroom Swiss burger, a fish sandwich, a BLT sandwich, and much more. The sides are fried pickles spears, fried mushrooms, boneless Chicken wings, Onion rings, etc.

If you are ever in Smithville and are hungry, check out these restaurants. They will not disappoint you!

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