Scheduling Oil Boiler Service


If you heat your home with an oil boiler, there are a few reasons why you may want to get it checked out often. Few things are worse than turning on your heater in the winter only to find that it isn’t working. This happens for a surprising number of common reasons. Here are some reasons you may need to schedule an oil burner repair before it gets too late into the winter.

One reason you may call a repair person is if there is a “knocking” noise in your furnace – this often means that there is air in the lines that need to be bled. Although this isn’t a necessarily difficult task, it is important to hire someone that knows what they are doing because it isn’t something for a beginner to try and do. Clattering is another noise your furnace may be making, and that could be a problem with the access panels. Generally, the problem is loose panels rattling around when the furnace is on.


Another common reasons you may call someone for oil burner repair is if you hear a whistling sound in your furnace. This can often be due to a problem with the filter. Maybe you just need to get it replaced or cleaned. However, if you are unfamiliar with your system, the filters or how they work, a professional is probably a good idea for this, as well.


One thing to watch out for is a grinding noise. If you hear this, shut down your furnace immediately for the safety of those in your home. Something may be wrong with the motor. Do not try to fix this problem yourself, even if it seems like a common problem you have, because it could be dangerous.


For many of these problems, you will want to speak to a professional for your oil burner repair. Be sure to schedule one before the weather gets too cold.

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