History of Centertown

Centertown does not have much history of the town over the years. The old bank of Centertown from back in the day was built in 1918 but is no longer in use, and the building is slowly falling apart. A mural is painted on the side of the building and is a pretty painting of a tree nursery in the nearby area. No data was ever recorded about the building, and since people have lived around it, it has not been in business.

In the 2010 census, Centertown had a population of 243 people and over the years this has not increased much at all, and if anything the percentage of people has gone down. It has a total of 0.9 square miles in the entire town. There is only so much room to build new buildings for the town, so over the years, people have moved several miles to where they can have more space with better accommodations and local businesses and attractions.

Centertown elementary school is small, but they still have a good crowd of students. Their principal has been there since 2012 and they have over 72 staff members. Another super small school is Centertown Christian Academy. They have about 20 students and they work through their grades and school work at their own pace. The school opened in about 2014 with 2 students and has grown since then. Next to the school is a huge building which is The local recreation center where the kids can enjoy bounce houses, air hockey, pool, and arcade games. The school students have their own small basketball team. After a long day of sports and schoolwork, a great way to cool off is at home with the help of your local AC repair contractors. A-1 Better Handyman Heating & Air is proud to offer their service of AC Repair to Centertown Tennessee and surrounding areas.

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