Parks of Centertown

Centertown is a very small town and is not known for its parks and recreational centers.
If you like being in the outdoors, and enjoying all of the seasonal weather Tennessee provides, The Centertown Recreational Park is great for you. It is where the local residents play ball games, have picnics, and enjoy walks with their families. The youth have many leagues and training leagues. Some meetings are held at the recreational center, and every year they have a firework show right before they start a new softball, baseball, or tee-ball season. The recreation building is a big building that is able to be rented out and parties can be held there. The playland with bounce houses, obstacles, and kid arcade games is a great place to play. When people rent the building all funds go straight to the church and small private school that owns the building.

Centertown fire department has been serving the area for many years. They hold many classes for kids at the local schools about forest fires, the local parks, dangers of fires, and what to do in a situation like that. Volunteer classes are held to start new teams and train those who are interested in volunteer work. For several years, many of the people who are now professionals hold ceremonies at the recreational center when a member of the team gets injured or passes away as a way to remember what they did for their community and the team they worked for. Over the years they have had many people come and train to be a new member of the teams and take those individuals positions.

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