History of Dibrell

History in Dibrell Tennessee does not run very deep, but many people enjoy visiting the few attractions it shares. Dibrell Memorial Museum shares some special memories and is also known for the details it shares about the town.

With Warren County being considered the “Bible belt of the world,” there are several churches. One of the most known ones is the Church of Christ at Dibrell. This religious congregation is small but is well known by the locals, and attending members. A-1 Better Handyman Heating & Air is proud to be one of the best AC Companies in Dibrell TN.

Back in the day many boys would meet in a large building in Dibrell and they would have Boy Scouts dedications, ceremonies, and many classes, they would have sales and sell things that they created during their camps.

In 1840 there were about 6 Dibrell families living there. This was about 63% of all the recorded Dibrell’s in the United States of America. Tennessee had the highest population of families with that last name in 1840.

Most of the men worked as a laborer in the farms and fields and most of the women worked as maids for their households. Some of the fewer common occupations for Americans were to be carpenters and different types of sales clerks for the towns and areas around. An HVAC Contractor in Dibrell TN can be a profession hard to come by.

Between 1959 and 2004, in the unites states, Dibrell’s life expectancy was at its lowest point in 1960, and its highest in 1967. Their average life expectancy in the year 1959 was 46 years old, and 84 years old in the year of 2004. In 1852 a fire caused the local courthouse to lose the census, many marriage records, probate records, and important historic records in general. Some of this was recorded elsewhere for the years of 1777-1985 and can be viewed today in the places where they have been restored in the McMinnville Tennessee area.

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