Parks in Doyle, TN

Doyle, TN is home to only a few thousand citizens. This small country town is close to the Calfkiller River. The Calfkiller River runs from Doyle, TN to Monterey, TN. It also connects to the Caney Fork River and several other smaller creeks and rivers. Other than this body of water, there are a couple of parks around Doyle and its surrounding area.

Doyle Elementary School features a miniature park for not only the children who attend there but also other children who live in the town. This park has a playground with many slides, several swings, a small rock climbing wall, a merry-go-round, and even some bridges. The elementary’s park may be small in size, but the amount of equipment it has is endless. The park is kept clean and updated to ensure the safety and health of the children. A really exciting thing is the school has a place where the children, teachers, parents, and other visitors can sit under the shade. Doyle, TN air conditioning contractors are looking into ways to perhaps add an AC unit to help cool down everyone! All of the locals claim the Doyle, TN HVAC contractors are the best.

The popular Rock Island State Park is fairly close to Doyle as well. This state park’s brochure highlights the beautiful twin waterfalls, hiking trails, rock formations, beach area, and much more. Because of the lake, many people bring their swimming, fishing, and boating gear. There are several pavilions for any sort of event whether it be a picnic or family gathering. For all the hikers, the trails are safe and well-paved out. One can also go on a nature tour because of the many informational cards on the side of specific trees, plants, and wildlife.

If you are ever needing some exercise or wanting to breathe in the fresh air, these parks are a great option. There are so many things you can do outdoors. If you take advantage of these free parks, you will not be disappointed.

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