Things to do in Sparta TN

There are great things to do while in Sparta, TN. Here are a few areas visitors can come to while in Sparta.

Burgess Falls, Waterfalls, Sparta, TN

It is located along Falling Water River and is made of 4 distinct waterfalls. The last of the waterfalls are considered due to its plunging more than 130 feet into the gorge.

Wildcat Falls

It is located near the Cumberland Plateau. It is a 35-foot waterfall with a dirt road. Guests can walk on top of the Wildcat Falls and look at the beautiful scenery of the surrounding mountains.

Art Gallery, Artworks by Blaine Parrish

It involves beautiful and unique art pieces made by Blaine Parrish. The artwork includes abstract art, pet portraits, landscape, wildlife, textures, beautiful paintings of women and girls.

Drive-In Theater, 220, Roberts Mathews Highway, Sparta, TN 38583

This movie theater involves digital movies and also delicious foods, including fries, chili pie, cheese, and nacho. There is another movie theater along 1181s Jefferson Avenue; it has a multiplex movie theater with 12 auditoriums. The theater has digital sound and videos and offers a variety of refreshments.

On the way on Bon Air Mountain, which is past Wildcat Falls, there is a place most visitors and locals visit, during sunset is when the magic happens.

For a long and scenic walk, try the fully paved Calfkiller River Trail. It begins at South carter Street Park. So as to find the trail walk west on Bockman way from the square to South Carter Street, there is a paved trail on the right side of the road. Cross the scenic old railroad bridge to South Young Street.

For the beer lovers, Happy Trail Brewery and Taproom is a place to visit while in Sparta, TN and enjoy an air conditioning contractors work. It offers a mix of style beers that is unique, and you would love it. A kind of recipe that would excite the palate.

There are various restaurants to eat in Sparta with different cuisine example American, Mexican, and Chinese. Examples of these restaurants are Rise and Shine Café Restaurants, Ch Donut Shop.

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