Tips For Keeping Your Air Conditioner Working

If you are experiencing an issue with your air conditioner, chances are it’s time to call in the professionals. Over time, units may encounter leaks or need to be recharged. Locating issues and Recharging Air Conditioning should be left to the experts so your unit is serviced correctly and ready to work at its best during those hot summer months. It’s important to know what to look for, how refrigerant works, and what you can do to keep your unit working properly.

Looking For Issues

If you are concerned that your unit needs to be serviced but aren’t sure, here are some indicators to look for:

  • Your unit is blowing warm air.
  • It cools for a short amount of time and then kicks off.
  • You are noticing ice buildup.

If your air conditioner is doing any of these things, it’s a good idea to call a service professional out to look at your unit and determine what’s wrong.

Understanding Refrigerant

It’s important to note that refrigerant in a unit does not evaporate or diminish. Unless there is a leak, your refrigerant level will always remain the same. So adding it is not always necessary unless a leak is detected. Recharging Air Conditioning is typically what is necessary in the absence of leaks. Because refrigerant poses a risk to humans, animals, and the environment, it’s very important to leave adding refrigerant to a professional.

Thinking Ahead

Having your unit serviced at least once a year will give the technician a chance to look for leaks. Because he is trained in properly identifying issues, he will know exactly what your unit needs. A yearly service will keep your unit free of dirt and keep worn down parts replaced for optimum performance.

Don’t take any chances, as the hot days of summer approach. Plan ahead with yearly maintenance services in early spring so a technician experienced in Recharging Air Conditioning and unit leaks can ensure your unit is working properly.

csearsTips For Keeping Your Air Conditioner Working