The Benefits Of A Central Air System

Residential Central Air Conditioning Units On Cement SlabAs summer kicks off and temperatures begin to rise, window AC units start popping up and so do energy bills. For those who have relied on fans and window air conditioners it’s high time you considered the benefits of a central air system. While costly upfront, the long term payoff may well be worth it for you and your family.


1. Improved Air Quality

Central air is actually an extremely healthy addition to the home. With filters, the central air conditioning system works to eliminate harmful dust and other allergens. This feature is especially useful in homes that have pets. Improving the air quality throughout the home makes for a much healthier environment.


2. Less Noisy

Unlike window units, a central air system is extremely quiet. Window AC units are known for their persistent hums, rattles and buzzes while they work to cool down a room. However, with a central air system you can enjoy the cool and comfortable temperatures in peace and quiet, which is quite a welcome change come bedtime.
3. Provides Cool Air To Every Room
Central air works to cool down your entire home, not just one room like a window unit operates. However, should you want rooms in your home to vary in temperature, a central air system is capable of doing that as well.


4. Save Energy & Money

Additionally, if you’re working with window air units to cool down your entire home it’s likely you have several throughout the house, which can show a spike in your energy bill. A central air system is often a more energy efficient cooling solution.


If you’re keeping cool with window units and fans, maybe it’s time to consider how a central air system can benefit you and your family this summer. While it is an investment, the payoff overtime could be well worth it! If you’re ready to make the change or have questions about central air give us call at A-1 Better Handyman Air & Heating. Click here for a quote to get started.


csearsThe Benefits Of A Central Air System