The Most Common Residential Electrical Issues

Basement RefinishedThe heart of your home’s “operating system” is its electrical network. Just think of all the components in a home that require wiring: lighting, HVAC, security and entertainment systems and those energy-efficient appliances in your kitchen. Most home electrical wiring problems are the result of mistakes in installation or connection including inferior connections or inferior materials. Wiring doesn’t “go bad” in the walls, though adverse conditions like flooding can affect it. These are among the most common problems that homeowners are likely to face at some point:


  1. Flickering or blinking lights

These can be signs of poor connections along the circuit. If only one bulb is flickering, then it’s likely that your problem is simply with the bulb. However if the flickering or blinking that you’re noticing occurs simultaneously in several lights, chances are you’re dealing with a bigger issue.


  1. Outlets that don’t work.

If you have an outlet that’s not working it’s possible that the receptacle device could be broken or the wiring connections to the device could be poor. However if the device works in another outlet it could mean that you’re dealing with a tripped circuit breaker. If the circuit keeps tripping it’s possible you could be overloading it, which is where we come in.


  1. Faulty circuit breakers and electrical panels.

Frequently tripped circuit breakers or a circuit that can’t be reset probably indicates a either a problem in the circuit or an electrical overload. At A-1 Better Handyman Heating and Air we can repair your faulty circuit so you never have to deal with broken outlets again.


If you’re experiencing any of these electrical problems it’s best to call us in so we can safely and quickly address the issue. Call us or click here for a quote!

csearsThe Most Common Residential Electrical Issues